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Properly preparing your home makes it look new again


A smooth, bare wood surface accepts paint best, making your home’s new paint job last years longer. Removing years of old paint also reveals historic, original detailing.

Modern paint formulas are of much higher quality, especially when applied to properly prepared bare wood.  They can protect your investment against harsh weather and environmental damage.

When old paint is not completely and carefully removed, this untreated paint will eventually fail and flake, causing the need for repainting to achieve a fresh, clean look.  Failed paint can also subject your wood to the effects of dry rot.

Complete removal of the old paint ensures your brand new paint job adheres correctly to your siding.  This helps to improve the longevity of your siding and eliminates the need to repaint yearly over failing paint.

Established in 1945 as Ed Bell & Son Paint Removal, now operating as Paint Removal Pro, we still use a time-tested process that helps the wood to breathe while not harming it.  By removing the built-up layers of old paint, your home regains a crisp, refreshed look.  Often, we discover hidden details that were covered by layer upon layer of old paint – details like intricate crown molding, corbels, window work, posts, paneling, and other architectural woodwork.   Here are just a few of the may historical buildings we have been trusted to restore:

• Waverly Country Club
• Pittock Mansion
• Ainsworth Estates
• McLoughlin House
• Hawthorne House

We also remove paint from interior woodwork.  Many homes in the Portland area feature original wood that was finished naturally, without paint.  Over the years, styles changed and it became popular to paint this beautiful original wood white.  Today, homeowners are restoring this woodwork to its natural, unpainted beauty.  Our process can reveal the original splendor of hutches, windows, fireplace mantles, doors, baseboards, cabinets, bookcases, and much more.